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Veeva’s iRep

The customer provides specialty solutions and services from advanced lab sciences to translational informatics, clinical trial delivery, regulatory affairs, and payer insights to marketing communications. They help their pharmaceutical and life-sciences clients conquer product development and commercialization challenges in a rapidly evolving environment.

Customer serves critical information to the Sales Reps of various manufacturers regarding drugs, brands and insurance coverage among others. This information is shared by Sales Rep with Physicians to have improved connections, enable timely decision-making, and build relationships.

The manufacturer wanted to achieve higher sales effectiveness and content marketing impact. However, the in-use Veeva CRM Solution did not have the enriched CLM capabilities to achieve these goals. They were measuring low on

  • Quality of engagement with Physicians
  • Broadcast email click-through rate and response


We implemented Veeva’s iRep to deliver:

  • Enriched content for interactive custom presentations (incl e-detail materials, additional drug resources, insurance coverage info etc.)
  • Near real-time, visual and custom data through easy-on-the-eye dashboards
  • Branding guideline’s compliant content
  • ‘Approved e-mails’ that enable reps to target varied audience with custom content at every stage of the sales cycle
  • Standardized, simple, and consistent UX/ UI across all brands

The project was a huge success, delivering a higher marketing and relationships impact. We rolled out the solution to other manufacturers, replicating the benefits. With on-going support and maintenance services, we are further building video and Facetime capabilities for even more enhanced and real-time personalized interactions.