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Customer is a leading wealth management firm based in the US, with global operations

An enterprise digital transformation initiative covering 250 applications dealing with Terabytes of data deluge was underway. Our QA team was tasked to increase the quality of releases across the Front-office, Middle-office, and Backoffice application suites through functional, integration, database, and regression testing, to ensure in-time availability of a global product

Regression testing was identified to be one of the pain areas. We started off by diligently analyzing the existing test cases, improving their detail, and adding a lot many new test cases. As the Automation team dove tailed with the Manual testing team, the test case clarity and collaboration between the teams, ensured a faster uptake and increased test coverage. As a result, the Regression cycle across Application suite #1was brought down by 50%.

Automation team…

  • Created custom automation frameworks and optimized the same for the 2 Automation tools in use (TestComplete and Selenium), with advanced features enabling a 35% jump in execution speed
  • With 70% test case coverage, provided a detailed root cause analysis of all the failures to the development team. By using automation jobs, identified the Defects / Application down time instantly, which helped to communicate the issue to all stakeholders immediately and resolve the issues on high priority.
  • Implemented dynamic wait mechanism, Listeners, and Descriptive log mechanism (useful for easy debugging) thereby reducing failure % from around 30 % to below 10 % for Core automation.
  • Collaborated with the Customer team to analyze new tools in the market and recommend Playwright as the tool to replace the aforesaid ones (especially for its automatic sync feature and faster execution time). Successfully implemented Playwright.
  • Analyzed the E2E functionality of various applications that were not originally in-scope, and successfully demonstrated proof of value to the leadership for a go-ahead on Automation investments. With 70% Test case coverage, Automation helped reduce the Regression cycle time by 80% in the new set of Applications (suite #2)
  • To enable CI/CD process, created Jenkins jobs for schedule based automatic triggering; monitored the job execution, and ensured the results shared to all stakeholders automatically