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Equipped with a rich legacy of Remote Infrastructure management services for on-premise environments & data centers, and purpose-built cloud competencies, we offer comprehensive cloud transformation services that combines migration and management services to help businesses achieve a seamless and successful transition to cloud or hybrid environments; stabilize, and optimize –  enabling cost efficient, secure, and scalable digital infrastructure to support business agility.


Delivering large transformation projects, we integrated some key learnings (listed below), a wider variety of skills, automation and analytics to design DAIS approach to infrastructure transformation; an innovative, holistic and more impactful way to achieve ‘Digital Infrastructure’.

Thus the DAIS approach delivers faster ROI along with cost and compliance benefits, in comparison to traditional approach. CTOs also appreciate the clear gains in up-time & availability, scalability, agility, unified technology view, not to mention the peace of mind.

Some of the lessons from DAIS™ approach

  • Technology and process understanding of What works and What doesn’t
  • Data-driven change management
  • Multi-tool set experience
  • Infra vs App resources optimization
  • Integration of information security standards and Best Practices across tech landscape
  • Custom scripts
  • Quality engineering

Cloud Strategy and planning

Assessment and roadmap service that assesses the organization’s current infrastructure, identifies which applications and workloads can benefit from the cloud, and defines a roadmap for the migration process.

Cloud Migration

Design and execution of a seamless migration plan, ensuring the secure transfer of data and applications, and minimizing downtime and disruption to business operations.

Cloud optimization

Continuous monitoring and optimization of cloud infrastructure and applications for maximum performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Cloud security and compliance

Robust security measures and compliance controls to protect data and applications in the cloud, and ensuring adherence to relevant industry regulations and standards.

Cloud managed services

Ongoing management and support for the cloud environment, including troubleshooting, incident management, and capacity planning.

Multi-cloud management

Multi-cloud management services that provide a single pane of glass for managing multiple clouds, ensuring greater agility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness

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