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Sagarsoft Management Team comprises technology and business visionaries propelling the company toward growth and success. Entrepreneurial and hands-on, they are knowledgeable and experienced on all fronts. Add to that a flexible delivery structure, which enables nimble response in a dynamic business and technological environment.

Annual Report 2020-21

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Annual Report 2021-22

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Annual Reports

Quarterly Results

Subsidiary Financials

Board of Directors

S.No Name of The Director DIN
01 Sammidi Sreekanth Reddy – Chairman (Non-Executive Director) 00123889
02 Manupati Jagadeesh – Managing Director 01590689
03 Katikireddy Pradeep Kumar Reddy – Executive Director & CFO 02598624
04 Kalva Satish Chander Reddy – Non-Executive Director 02412539
05 Nalamati Harimohan – Independent Director 01808491
06 Kondrella Roopesh – Non-Executive Director 06967708
07 Neelima Kaushik – Independent Director 06508030
08 Keerthi Anantha – Independent Director 09379678
09 K V Ramananda Rao – Independent Director 09170522
10 V Venkat Ramana – Independent Director 09587429

Board Committees

Audit Committee

Name Status in the Committee
Shri K.V.Ramananda Rao Chairman
Shri M.Jagadeesh Member
Shri.V.Venkat Ramana Member

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Name Status in the Committee
Shri N.Hari Mohan Chairman
Shri.V.Venkat Ramana Member
Smt. Keerthi Anantha Member

Stakeholders’ Relationship Committee

Name Status in the Committee
Shri N.Hari Mohan Chairman
Smt. Keerthi Anantha Member
Smt. Neelima Kaushik Member

CSR Committee

Name Status in the Committee
Shri N.Hari Mohan Chairman
Shri M.Jagadeesh Member
Smt. Neelima Kaushik Member

Policies and Documents

Description Download
MoA & AoA
Code of Conduct UPSI
Criteria for making payment to Non Executive Directors
Document Retention Policy
Familiarization Programme
Letter of appointment of ID
Nomination and Remuneration Policy
Policy on Material Subsidiary
Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions
Whistle Blower Policy

Shareholding Pattern

Annual General Meeting

Description Download
26th AGM Transcript
25th AGM Transcript
24th AGM Transcript

Postal Ballot

Description Download
Postal Ballot Notice
Eighteenth Annual Report Postal Ballot Form


Description Download
Financial year 2021-2022
Financial year 2020-2021
Financial year 2019-2020
Financial Year 2018-2019(Final)
Financial Year 2018-2019(Interim)
Financial Year 2017-2018

Procedure for Demat of Shares

Formats for updation of KYC, Nomination and Signature

Description Download
Confirmation of Signature of securities holder by the Banker
Declaration Form for Opting-out of Nomination
Request for Cancellation or Variation of Nomination
Request for registration of Nomination Form
PAN & KYC updation request form
Form ISR-4

Press Notifications

Year Month Download
2022 May
2020 June
2019 March
2016 October
2016 September
2015 April


Financial Year Quarter Download
2022-2023 September Q2
2022-2023 June Q1
2021-2022 March Q4
2021-2022 December Q3
2021-2022 September Q2
2021-2022 June Q1
2020-2021 March Q4
2020-2021 December Q3
2020-2021 September Q2
2020-2021 June Q1
2019-2020 March Q4
2019-2020 December Q3
2019-2020 September Q2
2019-2020 June Q1

Scrutinizer Reports

Board Meeting Notices

  • Board Meeting Notice(27-Oct-2022)
  • Board Meeting Notice(14-Sep-2022)
  • Board Meeting Notice(12-Aug-2022)
  • Board Meeting Notice(5-Aug-2022)
  • Board Meeting Notice(9-May-2022)
  • Board Meeting Notice(27-Jan-2022)

Related Party Transactions

Date Description Download
Nov 16, 2022 Disclosure under Regulation 23 (9) of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015
May 30, 2022 Disclosure under Regulation 23 (9) of SEBI (LODR) Regulations. 2015
Dec 04, 2021 Disclosure under Regulation 23 (9) of SEBI (LODR) Regulations. 2015
May 27, 2021 Disclosure under Regulation 23 (9) of SEBI (LODR) Regulations. 2015


Year Month Download
2021 May

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