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Turn Users into Fans


Think of us Design-garage meets Engineering-studio; best of both worlds combined to drive user engagement and ultimately business results.

Studio Tuxeido brings together our rich legacy in UX, UI, and DAM to work in a seamless and harmonious synchronization, delivering a positively engaging digital experience

As Enterprises, Businesses, and Start-ups world wide upped their digital transformation game, we became a reliable ally for some delivering end-to-end UX/ UI transformations, or the Design/ Engineering components of it.

Our most prolific work is in the FinTech and Healthcare-Tech space, extensively covering Data-intensive and Analytics use cases. However, our foot print is much broader and includes Insurance, Banking, and Learning platforms.

For the Lifesciences sector, we specialize in ‘build-publish-manage’ services for Digital Assets engineered with Java technologies on Veeva CRM platform. For more on Veeva and DAM, please click here.

Expertise & Services Menu

User Experience
  • UX Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Design: UX, Visual, Interactive, and Interface
  • Design Systems Development & Governance
Front-end Engineering
  • UI design & UXE
  • Progressive Web Applications – PWA
  • Conversion from current legacy site to Responsive
  • Custom Java script development
  • Digital Asset creation
  • Digital Asset publishing (Veeva or any other)
  • Digital Assets life cycle management

Knowledge repository of User behavior in select domains along with down-stream/ tech demands on the Application(middleware, database, server side, streaming etc.,)

Proprietary UX research methodology.

Facelift is our Proprietary ready-to-use building blocks (pre-built frameworks and UI components library). The
framework is multi-platform compatible working with Apple, Microsoft, Linux and Android systems.


All the above translates into value through a combination of various factors: higher quality of deliverable, speed, standardization, predictability, lower capex and opex, reuse, and ease of maintenance. In addition, we have got the distributed working(delivery) model using Agile with Scrum, down pat. You’ll see productivity from day 1

Engagement models that suit your specifications

FTE based

Contract for People & Skills. But our ownership is high, so we take responsibility for the Deliverables as well.

Project based

Time and Cost quote for the Scope and Deliverable you’d like


We build to match your specifications and culture, so you can organically graft the unit to the parent body

Case studies

Complete UX/ UI transformation of a large Application suite for a Capital Markets firm

UX Design and Design Systems creation for a Healthcare ‘Intelligent data platform’ provider

UX re-design of a Re-insurance Global self-service Platform catering to Pricing, Portfolio management, ptimization&Analytics

Our unique Design-Engineering DNA, and offerings are tailored to enable engagement-ease and value maximization for the customer. Nothing else can describe the response our work evokes from the users, than that memorable line from Jerry Mcguire* when Dorothy tells Jerry, “You had me at Hello!”. We are constantly striving to deliver this level of wonderment.

If you are considering a partner who can shape and deliver the outcomes of a UX/ UI transformation, look no further than Studio Tuxeido. Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you within a working day. Let’s create some digital magic today.