It is Business 4.0. Does your technology investment set a stage for enhanced business capabilities and amped up performance?

The digital economy is valued at 3 Trillion USD, with 50% of the world online. Tapping into this market and offering complete digital solutions that serve a customer ecosystem, will lead to revenue growth.

We introduce DAIS™ our newest and best yet design-approach to enterprise services delivery of technology and data. Harnessing over two decades of partnership with tech-led businesses in modernization and technology services, we harmonized the four foundational components – Data, Applications, Infrastructure and Security - tuned with analytics and intelligent automation, and integrated to build an Adaptive Core, Platforms and Eco-system services that together make Digital DAIS, an amplifier of business capabilities.

DAIS Synchronization
Orchestrated Capabilities for Optimum Performance!
Customer Experience
Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Combine UX, Automation, AI to create fast, personalized and positive CX.
Connected Enterprise
Connected Enterprise
Transform into a data-driven, collaborative, integrated and agile business. Achieve process and numbers ownership from employees.
Frictionless Transformation
Frictionless Transformation
Leverage the real power of Cloud Computing and digital connectivity. Achieve techno-economic paradigm shift, and be ready for the next.
Augmented Intelligence
Augmented Intelligence
Deploy Intelligence Augmentation on a rapid scale. Achieve optimum AI adoption in Cognitive Services and Cognitive Processes.
Nearing 25 Years Of Value-Added Partnerships

  1. Sagarsoft began its journey in Hyderabad as a startup, with a vision to become a full-fledged global Software company!


    Year 2000, we got listed on Regional Stock Exchange.

  3. Initial Focus Into Global Business

    This was the era when Information Technology made a quantum leap worldwide. Given our strong fundamentals, capabilities, and aspiration to grow, it was natural that we would venture into the overseas market. Our initial global customers comprised medium and large enterprises in the US and the Middle East. Our services included strong offerings in Large Application and Infrastructure Transformation, Management of Data Housing Systems, Business Intelligence, and Bookkeeping. We built Offshore Development Centers, thereby creating extended enterprise capability to serve our global operations.

  4. Data To Decisions

    We were big on Data before Big Data was trending! Our earliest version of ‘Data to Decisions’ took a holistic look at Decision Enabling Systems and added extending capabilities such as Wrangling, Analytics, and Modeling (both Financial & Data Science-related). We started enabling enterprises to ride the Digital Transformation wave by combining our expertise in Cloud, Analytics, Big Data, Smart Computing, and UX/UI. We grew strong in the Capital Markets space, even adding Murex expertise, by virtue of successfully marrying domain knowledge with capabilities in Digital Transformation.


    Year 2016, we got listed on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

  6. Digital Platforms Define Business Success

    Business Platforms have shown that purpose-designed enterprise technology solutions can become a source of commercial and competitive advantage.

    As technology transformation partners for global businesses, we leveraged this underlying causality through solutioning and execution; synthesizing a best practice approach Digital DAIS™, orchestrating the four components (D – Data, A – Applications, I – Infrastructure, and S – Security) for optimum gains. Digital DAIS™ today delivers additional benefits while drastically reducing risk in all major Tech transformation projects.

    This phase also saw us grow our Business Platforms and Intelligent Infrastructure services. Sentrifugo HRMS (Open Source platform built in our labs) continues to be popular among SMEs.

  7. The Best is ahead

    We are a People First company. With investments in people’s skills and their well-being, combined with strong fundamentals and differentiated solutions, we continue to create value for Businesses worldwide. Combining home-grown expertise with select partnerships (products, platforms, domain consulting firms), our solutions deliver measurable gains in the Commercial, Regulatory, Security, and Corporate functions of Enterprises.

    We believe we are well-equipped to turn the next technological evolution into business value for our customers. We are excited about the real impact we can deliver by helping Businesses in their AI adoption journey, embracing Blockchain, Business Platform extensibility, and Technology transformation.

  8. “25, WE ARE ARRIVING!”

    We will be 25 years young in 2021. Watch this space for updates.
    We welcome you to join us for our upcoming celebrations!!

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