Synchronized Solutions that Extend
Business Capabilities and Exponentialize Performance.

“How to stay competitive?” is the single question that is heard echoing in the halls of every business.

Business 4.0 has arrived. Companies are trying to stay competitive while fueling growth while fully participating in the digital economy. More and more industry leaders are digitizing key functions within internal operations as well as offering greater value to their customers. The need of the day is shorter life cycles, more online presence, data analysis, robust security, seamless operations and passing the bulk of the value to the customer.

In its long tenure of being a technology partner to Fortune and Inc businesses, Sagarsoft has been instrumental in creating a technology state that drives business capabilities – Digital DAIS™. This technology platform is defined by a collaborative approach which ultimately drives business dominance.

For every organization, the four interconnected and foundational blocks that comprise a technology bedrock are Data, Applications, Infrastructure, and Security - DAIS. While these core components have witnessed a massive change and growth, change drivers impacting these foundational blocks have equally evolved, namely: Big Data, Agility, Cloud, Dev Ops, Analytics, API Economy, Mobile and Smart Computing, Integration, Compliance, Standards, Security Systems, and evolving Security Threats.

What makes Digital DAIS™ deliver real impact?

An integrated approach that recognizes the inter-relationships and intra-relationships between the four components – Data & Data Systems, Applications, Infrastructure, and Security is the essence of DAIS™. Fine tuning and orchestrating these components with intelligent automation for speed, financial gains, and impact gains. Making this repeatable and scalable through frameworks, processes, standards, and tools are what drives the DAIS™ stage.

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