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We work with leading business platforms to maintain the rapid pace of demand from the enterprises today to be extremely flexible, agile, and scalable. We understand that to stay ahead, enterprises need fast, adaptive, and continuously upgraded systems; one way of achieving this is with resilient and scalable systems and applications.

Our Offerings:
  • Murex:

    Our extensive experience in technologies pertaining to Capital Markets, whether they be custom developed platforms or market-leading solutions like Murex, ensures your investments see faster ROI. Backed by strong domain knowledge, our Murex functional expertise spans Trade, Treasury, Operations & Finance, along with Enterprise Risk & Regulatory suite.

    We have more than a decade’s experience in solution implementation, custom development (CD/CI), multi-source integration (native or third-party platforms), and production support across all asset classes, for investment banks as well as wealth management companies.

    Reach out to us today, to explore how we can augment your Murex capabilities and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • Veeva:

    We specialize in Veeva CRM implementations and application development. And understand that the most complex, high-value processes that are critical to competitive advantage will benefit largely by using Vault platform including customizations, extensions, data management, systems integration, reporting, analytics, mobility and ongoing support.

    We also support the Veeva multichannel partner eco-system in developing content for Veeva CLM, Approved Email. We specialize in deploying new enhancements to improve service.

  • Workday:

    We improve HR benefits through instinctive and imaginative automation changing human capital administration from a fundamental corporate overhead to an important instrument in the delivery of business execution.

    Our experience in building custom HR solutions and efficient Workday deployments translate into effective HR transformation journeys for our customers. We implement automation for centralized and standardized operations that deliver improved productivity and lowers the turn-over time tremendously.

    Our Workday expertise spans HCM, Financial Management and Studio. We enable efficient deployments and cost-effective post-deployment application management services through a global delivery and support team.

    Our services include but are not limited to Business Process Maintenance, Customizations, Integration Development by using Core Connector, Workday Studio and complex integrations of both Inbound & Outbound, furthering to reporting and analytics capabilities through third party products and custom solutions, and security implementation.

Talk to our Business Platform teams today about how we can deliver speed, cost and extensibility benefits through our services.