Discover and Enhance the Strategic Asset
Value of Data Housing Systems.

Data Democratization before Data Monetization.
Big Data & Data lakes

Big Data software services market will cross 100+ billion USD in 2027. There’s overwhelming evidence that real insights deliver competitive advantage. Big Data spend is among top budget allocations in enterprises across the globe, because no decision-maker wants to miss out on having this crystal ball that works every time.

Our holistic, proven approach to Big Data initiatives covers all dimensions starting from culture to skills, integration with existing business processes and applications, governance and data quality.

To avoid Data Graveyard/ Swamp, we follow the Industry standard best practice approach covering:

  • Ingestion process and control
  • Data profile and cleaning
  • Creation of zones within data lakes
  • Establishment of access privileges and data encryption for data privacy and security
  • Tracking of changes
Data Warehouse, Data Mart & Databases

Your existing investments in Traditional Data housing systems are not just relevant but also invaluable from an insight gathering and connected enterprise viewpoint. Major industry surveys show that businesses, while investing in Big Data initiatives, still depend majorly on Databases, Datamarts and Data warehouses for day-to-day operations.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Data Quality and Integration are major roadblocks in the way of businesses achieving a single source of truth, an absolute must for Digital Transformation. Issues in Master Data often show up on the Financial & Compliance front. Solutions typically involve the implementation of a single, integrated, flexible and scalable data model that covers business processes and applications, thus ensuring one version of the truth.

Our Offerings
Data lake

We help businesses create leverageable and sustainable lakes for their analytics needs.

  • We architect, design, build and provide on-going maintenance services such as setting up of Big Data clusters (cloud/in-house), ingestion (structured/ poly-structured data, sources, frequency, cleaning, transformation), Storage, Process and Automation, Retrieval & Publishing.
DW, Data Marts and Databases

We ensure up-keep, extend life and usefulness, and lower the TCO. We extract strategic value by turning them into tools to win new customers, develop new products and reduce costs

  • Our services include architecture, design, build and on-going maintenance services

Our MDM solutions improve the consistency and quality of key data assets.

  • We build and provide on-going maintenance of customer, supply chain, and enterprise MDM solutions enabling businesses to achieve on-demand and reliable data.

We help you democratize data and extract strategic value from existing data assets. Talk to our experts today.